Timothy D. Baird, Ph.D.

Tim is an associate professor in the Department of Geography at Virginia Tech. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on sustainability, conservation, and Africa.

Tim currently has two main research projects. He works with anthropologists and human ecologists to examine the connections between conservation, technology and livelihoods in rural Africa. He also works with colleagues in education, engineering and computer science to promote and assess student learning, collaboration and creativity.

Recently, Tim spoke about the Pink Time Experiment. Check it out. 

David J. Kniola, Ph.D.

David is a visiting assistant professor in Education Research and Evaluation and affiliated assistant professor in Higher Education at Virginia Tech. His areas of expertise include teaching and learning, assessment in higher education, and quantitative methods in social science.


Currently, he is researching (1) the efficacy of Pink Time and (2) the use of intelligent infrastructure (e.g., instrumented buildings) to measure collaboration and creativity in academic settings, with the goal of discovering the impact of various pedagogies in the formal learning environment.