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Daniel Pink highlights an important issue: we don't understand how to properly motivate people. In line with Pink's work, Pink Time was designed to nudge students to motivate and inspire themselves to learn.

So, what does the assignment really look like?

1. Skip class.

Two-three times a semester, students will skip class. The amount of time usually spent in class (or preparing for class) will be free time where they can pursue anything.

2. Do whatever you want.

There are no limits here. Students can learn a new skill, discover a passion, research a topic of interest, dive into unknown territories, etc. 

3. Grade yourself.

The only requirements are that students must assign themselves grades and share with the class what they did. This encourages self-reflection and group participation. 

Does it work?

Will it work in your class?

What about online?

Different cultural contexts? 

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