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Want to give Pink Time a try?

Here are the steps:

Step 1 – Introduce it.

Watch the Pink videos and describe the assignment– downloadable

Step 2 – Model it. 

Show the students what you’re talking about – do the assignment yourself

Ex. One of us outlined 3 seasons of a TV show on the American University!

Step 3 – Do it. 

Pick a day, cancel class, and have the students do the assignment

Step 4 – Discuss it. 

Get together in class to hear about everyone’s project

Suggestion: I’ve used a 90, 20, 10 rule. 90 seconds per person to speak in front of the class. 20 minutes in small groups. 10 minutes as a big group

Step 5 – Evaluate it.

Have the students fill out the rubric – downloadable

REPEAT steps 3 through 5

Salt to taste.

(i.e., tweak this so that it works for you and for your class)

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